• Full System Restore: We can return your Computer to its Original Factory Condition.
  • Virus & Malware Removal: If your computer is running slow (even those allowed using Free Movie sites and/or Facebook).
  • Laptop Repair: Broken/Cracked LCD Screen replacement. Cooling Fan and Heat-Sink repair.
  • Complete System Back-Up & Storage Solutions: Do you have documents or precious memories (Pictures, Music or Even Videos) on a Broken Laptop or PC? Chances are they Can Be Recovered.
  • Hardware: Do you need an upgrade and/or replace computer hardware? Ram, Hard Drive (add a larger storage), LCD Monitor or Wireless Card/Router?
  • Networking Options-Home/Business: We can add a wired or wireless network, install Routers or Additional Access Points (to Increase Distance), troubleshoot DSL/Cable Internet issues.